Arts Lab 5.0: Hajer Ben Hadj Sghaier, Tunisia - Month 4

In the fourth month of volunteering in Romania, I experienced many amazing events, the most important of which was celebrating Christmas in a very special way. We exchanged gifts and also had a group dinner, making it one of the most beautiful events I have ever experienced.

I also spent ten days in the hospitality of a Romanian family, and it was more than a wonderful experience through which I learned many Romanian customs and traditions, the language, and got to know the most delicious dishes. I also shared some Tunisian dishes. This experience was one of the best I had here because it was full of emotions. I don't really know how I will leave Romania; it will be difficult because I feel that I have completely connected and harmonized with the place and the people.

This month also included the German Cultural Night, which was good and taught me a lot about Germany and its customs and traditions.

On the other hand, I had another interesting experience with children with special needs in Moldova high-school. The children were very kind, and in cooperation with Violeta, I held cooking workshops and others with them. The children enjoyed a lot, and I enjoyed it too.

We also held a Moroccan cultural night, during which I enjoyed a lot of diverse Moroccan food, making it a wonderful evening.

Additionally, we went to a village and learned embroidery and about authentic Romania ia. The lady was very kind and taught us embroidery with love.

Hajer Ben Hadj Sghaier is from Tunisia, and she is participating in a six-month volunteering program within Arts Lab 5.0, a project co-funded by the European Union through the European Solidarity Corps.


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