Arts Lab 4.0: Month VII, Sara Torrijos - Final report

 I just came across the pictures from the past few months on my computer, and it's hard to believe that the project has come to an end. This project has been an important moment in my life, since I decided to start volunteering, I tried to help people as much as possible. I would have never imagined living in another country if Mihaela hadn't called me. And now, I’m very glad that events unfolded in this way.

I have always believed that there was some kind of synchronicity in my life that brought me closer to this country. When I was a university student, I developed an interest in the project “Wild Man” of the photographer Charles Freger. The series of photographs I was interested in, showed mythological costumes from Romanian folklore.

As a result, I began to incorporate these influences into my work, and eventually, I made my first trip to Romania as a result of a relationship. Since then, many coincidences have brought me closer to Romanians and Romania.

Something I have been able to experience living in here for seven months, is that Romania is indeed a spiritual country. The stories, legends, myths, proverbs, art, and people all live and breathe this spirituality, which creates a deeper meaning to life.

It would be wonderful  if this rich culture could be shared more with other countries in the world. I think that Romania is also a place where you can find yourself, where you can connect spiritually with your essence. Here I have learned some of the skills that make me who I am, I have discovered that I am creative, strong, protective, lovely, strength and wild.

To conclude this last monthly report, I would like to thank all the people who have collaborated and made it possible for me to live this experience.

Sara Torrijos from Spain did a long-term volunteering project in our organisation, under Arts Lab 4.0, a project funded by European Solidarity Corps, a programme of the European Union.  


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