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Dissemination Events: Sports Activator in Ioannina, Greece

Aliko Muska stated that in Ioannina, in Greece, the initial plan was to have the Sports Activator event with 4 teams of 7 people in order to held 4 games in 3-4 days, although it was difficult to find 28 individuals willing to participate. Even if many people were invited, the final number of participants was 14 in total. The whole schedule needed to be rethought and reduced at one day in which they had a great football match. The activities made the participants more active and helped them to socialize. Aliko shared his personal impression as a coordinator: ”I am very happy that I had the opportunity to organise such an event because before that I couldn't even imagine that I could pull such a thing out.”   During the dissemination was presented the Erasmus programme. Although, few participants showed real interest and tried to learn more about it. fortunately, at the end of the event, a group was created to organize new sports days.   Sports Activator is co-funded by Erasmus+ Spo