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Dissemination Events: Sports Activator in Ioannina, Greece

Aliko Muska stated that in Ioannina, in Greece, the initial plan was to have the Sports Activator event with 4 teams of 7 people in order to held 4 games in 3-4 days, although it was difficult to find 28 individuals willing to participate. Even if many people were invited, the final number of participants was 14 in total. The whole schedule needed to be rethought and reduced at one day in which they had a great football match. The activities made the participants more active and helped them to socialize. Aliko shared his personal impression as a coordinator: ”I am very happy that I had the opportunity to organise such an event because before that I couldn't even imagine that I could pull such a thing out.”   During the dissemination was presented the Erasmus programme. Although, few participants showed real interest and tried to learn more about it. fortunately, at the end of the event, a group was created to organize new sports days.   Sports Activator is co-funded by Erasmus+ Spo

Dissemination Events: Sports Activator in Valencia, Spain

Velizara Koleva Pencheva, member of the Spanish team, shared that Sports Activator had 23 participants in Valencia. Veli organised a presentation about EVS Sports Activator to explain the aim and the process. The sports games were performed on the beach. There was also integrated the following energizers: Oh alele, Big-fat pony, the 7 claps, penguins and storks, Petanca, Volley beach, Chinese football and baseball.  The participants acknowledge the benefits and values of the given information about a healthy lifestyle. The feedback received stated that “it was funny, stress removal, created good connections between the participants, improved team working skills”. The beneficiaries confirmed that they enjoyed the training energizers and the activities. For that reason, they would like to repeat the experience.  Sports Activator was co-funded by Erasmus+ Sport Programme, with the support of the European Union.   Sports Activator project had two main meetings in Romania, which invol

Dissemination Events: Sports Activator in Patras

On behalf of the Greek team from Patras, Aikaterini Stefanou stated that Sports Activator was accomplished with 120 students and 7 teachers. In order to perform the activities, the students were divided into 4 groups. Each group had to go through 4 different sessions. One of the groups played basketball and ping pong, while the second realized a graffiti in school. The third group presented and debated videos regarding healthy lifestyle and nutrition. The final one used the activities learned during the training course of Sports Activator in Romania. The games applied for the fourth group are the following: fruit-salad, burning ball, clap your hands, say a name, grab a tail, collect clothes pegs. The event was a success, the participants enjoyed the games and were involved in all the activities. Participants' IMPRESSIONS: “I had a great day at school." "I want to play again these games." "I really enjoyed playing together with students and teachers." Sports

Dissemination Events: Sports Activator in Madrid

The Spanish team organized Sports Activator dissemination event with 30 participants, in the Camping Monte Holiday, located in the mountains of the north of Madrid region. Is to be appreciated a diverse approach to maintain the activities appealing and dynamic. Mothers together with their children had the opportunity to benefit from the Yoga class hold by María Sanchez. Meanwhile, children enjoyed a battery of different sports games, skill tests in which cooperation and peer support were fundamental. Fernando Moreno Montero dedicated a group discussion for adults to deconstruct food myths. Apart from the energetic tasks, were implemented team building games by Jorge Ruiz. To support the parents involved, the experts María Montolio and Jorge Ruiz offered guidelines in a colloquium. The final activities motivated the participants to work in teams for a football and volleyball match. The coordinators stated that the activities had a very positive impact for both facilitators and benefici