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Changemaker: Ionela Amăriuței - Nutrition Education for Healthy Kids

Project Title: Nutrition Education for Healthy Kids Changemaker:  Ionela Amăriuței Message for the world: Live in the present! 1. Previous experience   It is my first project.     2. The Problem   Nowadays, we see more and more children affected by obesity. One of the causes is the lack of nutrition education. In my town, the children prefer to eat junk food and sweets because they never had a proper discussion about the impact of bad nutrition on their health. As children learn to read or write, in the same way, they must learn how to feed correctly, but this doesn't happen.   3. The Solution   My project is to share with 12 children my healthy nutrition tips and tricks and inform them that obesity is the result of their choices. During the activity, we will discuss about the difference between healthy and unhealthy food, what is the real food, how can we make it to taste and look good. We will cook a healthy recipe together and we will share our feelings after eating it. 4. Benef