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Changemaker: Luciana Ioan - A Brave Mind

Project Title: A Brave Mind Changemaker:  Luciana Ioan Message for the world: Support children to realize their dreams! 1. Previous experience   It is my first project.     2. The Problem   My passion has always been to sing on a stage, but I knew I could not do it without going to school and getting my diploma. I moved from Italy to Romania at a age where it was hard to be transferred from a school to another in different countries that is why, I had to quit school at the age of 9. Nowadays, at 15 years old, I tried to enroll but I couldn't get any support. One of the schools I went told me I am too old and other girls from Roma community, at my age, have children. Instead of focusing on the bad side, I fought to make my dream come true, to be able to dance and sing on a real stage. After being so close to my dream, I realized that many kids in my town, Târgu Frumos, can`t go to school and I want to help them discover their passions, find out what they`re good at, encourage and su