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Dissemination Events: Sports Activator in Madrid

The Spanish team organized Sports Activator dissemination event with 30 participants, in the Camping Monte Holiday, located in the mountains of the north of Madrid region. Is to be appreciated a diverse approach to maintain the activities appealing and dynamic. Mothers together with their children had the opportunity to benefit from the Yoga class hold by María Sanchez. Meanwhile, children enjoyed a battery of different sports games, skill tests in which cooperation and peer support were fundamental. Fernando Moreno Montero dedicated a group discussion for adults to deconstruct food myths. Apart from the energetic tasks, were implemented team building games by Jorge Ruiz. To support the parents involved, the experts María Montolio and Jorge Ruiz offered guidelines in a colloquium. The final activities motivated the participants to work in teams for a football and volleyball match. The coordinators stated that the activities had a very positive impact for both facilitators and benefici