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Changemaker: Sebastian Butnaru - We Are the Change!

  Project Title : We Are the Change! Changemaker :  Sebastian Butnaru Message for the world : Everything is possible through work! 1. Previous experience: No, but I want to change this.   2. The Problem : In my village, Zmeu, many children face poverty that affects their life in a negative way. Poverty is reflected in material, mental and physical matters, with my project I want to focus on the issue related to the lack of role-models. There are many persons that succeeded in their life even-though their grow up in difficult conditions.  3. The Solution : My activity consists in facilitating a meeting between the children of my village and a person who managed from poverty, to overcome his condition through passion and became what he wanted. In this way, by presenting them a role-model, my aim is to inspire the vulnerable children to dare and to dream for a better life. 4. Beneficiaries: 10 children will participate to the meeting. 5. Team:   I will organize it by myself, maybe