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Kick-off Meeting in Uganda

  Our colleague, Andreea Negoi is these days in Uganda, attending the first event of the KA2 project "Empowering Ugandan youth with EVS". We will share in this post, her experience and pictures from the hosting organisation. Today was the first day of the transnational kick-off-meeting in Uganda to begin work on the project called "Empowering Ugandan youth with EVS". This project is part of Erasmus KA 2 -  Capacity building in the field of youth. Together with partners from Turkey (Uçarlı Gençlik Derneğiand) and Spain (Asociación, Cultural Social Educativa Segundas Oportunidades), we are having the first visit to our partner association, Kawempe Youth Development Association, an organisation that works with the street children, orphans and young people, providing them a home and education. The project is based on volunteering activities, therefore our partner will host volunteers from Romania, Spain, and Turkey, for 3 months. The tasks of the volunteers will be

Approved KA2: Empowering Youth in Uganda through EVS

Empowering Youth in Uganda through EVS is a KA2 - Capacity Building project, financed by Erasmus +. The project consists of 12 main activities, 2 transnational meetings and 2 mobility of youth workers activities.  Activity 1: Creation of Project Management Tools and Settlement of the Project . Activity 2: Transnational Meeting in Kampala, Uganda (4th Month) The transnational meeting will be based on round table discussions and study visits to the Ugandan organization's sites to see how the situation is and what can be useful to implement with the involvement of EVS volunteers. Every organization will involve one participant who will be responsible for dealing with the recruitment of volunteers as well as educational materials. We will create a work plan for the project, deliverables and check the measurables during the project. Activity 3: Development of Educational Material and E-learning Module (3th – 6th Month) Activity 4: E-learning module   (6th – 8th Month) The participa