EurHope: Schimb de tineri în Spania

Selectăm 5 tineri, cu vârsta cuprinsă între 18 şi 23 de ani, pentru a participa la un schimb de tineri în Spania, Oviedo. Cei care doresc să participe, trebuie să realizeze un eveniment despre Primul Război Mondial, natură, alimentaţie sănătoasă, sport sau educaţie nonformală outdoor, în cadrul Centrului de Voluntariat Tîrgu Frumos. Evenimentul poate fi de orice tip (seminar, concurs sportiv, atelier de colectat plante medicinale etc.), important e să respecte temele. Evenimentul trebuie implementat în perioada 7-15 iulie.

Dacă doreşti să participi în acest proiect şi ai o idee clară de eveniment, te rugăm să completezi acest chestionar: şi te vom contacta pentru a realiza activitatea. Dacă eşti din alt oraş, te aşteptăm cu drag la Tîrgu Frumos. Promitem să fim gazde bune!

Mai jos puteţi găsiţi câteva informaţii despre proiect. Dacă aveţi întrebări, le aşteptăm pe

 Project EurHope: July 27th - August 5th

Recalling that 100 years ago, young people from all over Europe were sent across the continent to go off to war, in this Youth Exchange we'd like to gather youngsters from some of the main countries involved in the First World War and, while having great fun together, having also the chance to think about how things have changed over the last century and ...why not?... to debate around how things will be within 100 years!

Needless to say, our idea is not of getting into boring details of historical events or studying dates! We'd rather take part in attractive and dynamic activities, celebrating how easy, enriching and funny it might be to get to know each other and, at the same time, we'll explore interesting facts through games and exercises such as simulations, role-playings, and “historical settings” to get the atmosphere...

Practical features:
Youth Exchange in Asturias, our beautiful region in the northern coast of SPAIN!

6 countries involved

5 people from each national group (4 young people + 1 group leader)

Age: 18 – 23 years old (no age limit for the group leader)

Venue: a very cosy youth hostel, located in a natural environment at only 8 Km from Oviedo (capital of the region).

Dates: 1 week at the end of July – beginning of August. (July 27th - August 5th)

Working language: English.

The young participants have to be willing to communicate each other, but don't need to speak “a very good English” and at any time during the exchange the information provided will be supported by non verbal communication and translations whenever needed. (The group leader, on the other hand, should be able to fluently participate in the preparation/evaluation meetings and, if necessary, help the rest of the group with translations).

Activities and methodology: based in Non Formal Education, the Youth Exchange will combine outdoor activities such as hiking, sport, city tours etc. with team-buildings, role-playings, language “express classes”, and many other activities to help young people to get to know each other and explore different cultures.


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