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Căutăm 4 lucrători de tineret români, pentru a participa la cursul "Limitless Learning Possibilities 2", în perioada 3-12 noiembrie 2017. Toate costurile sunt acoperite de programul Erasmus Plus, iar transportul se va deconta în limita a 275 euro. Dacă sunteţi interesaţi de această oportunitate, vă rugăm să ne trimiteţi un mesaj pe www.facebook.com/ASIRYS sau un email pe adresa voluntarasirys@gmail.com. Mai multe detalii despre proiect, găsiţi mai jos.

The initiative of this training course aims to bring together youngsters of different categories who consider themselves to be activists of organisations that do include in their work marginalised groups from their societies and their local environments, in order to achieve broader inclusion with higher quality from different parts of Europe and prevent as well as combat poverty. The training course will provide these dynamic people with information on how to:
- structure an idea;
- develop it in to a project proposal;
- appropriate implementation;
- useful evaluation;
- follow up.

The main aim of the 8 days training course ''Limitless Learning Possibilities' 2' is to embody the participant’s aspirations in life of being original and of being driven their dreams to fulfil goals that will contribute not only to their own development but that of others as well; to bring change and new ideas that will come to the use of many. In order to affect change and to establish a path for others to follow, one must improve oneself further by acquiring more knowledge and by strengthening the analytical as well as the practical skills.
We have always shared the belief that knowledge is not only acquired through learning but also through experience and through encounters (interactions) with people. That is why it is important to work and to study in an international and diverse environment much like the one that TC offers.
The training course will take place in Prishtina, Kosovo from 03 to 12 of November 2017. The participating countries are Poland, Turkey, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania and Spain. In total there will be 28 participants out of which 2 will be trainers (one from Poland and one from Kosovo) and 1 a support staff from Poland and 1 from Kosovo.
Together with the Center for Economic and Social Development team as the hosting organization, participants and group leaders will explore the realm of Prishtina armed with backpacks filled with simple journalistic equipment to aid them share stories of struggle and success of marginalized groups.

The Training Course is to promote equal citizenship for everyone across our communities, to bring awareness among the young people that there is a big difference among those living within the margins and those living on the margins of society and that this obstacle can be overcome with mutual efforts. As the participants will be working in groups, each of the groups will produce in the end creative article contents highlighting the struggles and successes of those living on the margin, launching in our cultural spheres true food-for-thought that will strive to unravel the stereotypes.
All partners will receive detail programme of the project in second attachment.


Each partner organization should send us list of participants with the names of the participants and time and date of their arrival in Kosovo. After that together we will prepare program and to each participant will be given directions how to get to the venue.
Participants are required to arrive in Prishtina on 3rd of November 2017.
The reimbursement will be done after the project upon presentation of your original invoices, boarding passes and tickets. All participants will be reimbursed in Euros after an invoice will be present to our team based on original tickets. It is also important to remember to keep the boarding passes if you are travelling by plane, both outbound and returning. Be careful with YOUR tickets, because in case you lose them on the way to Prishtina, or during the trip back, unfortunately we will not be able to reimburse you for your journey! If you are coming by bus, tram, train, don’t forget to store all of your transport tickets! You are advised not to take a taxi for your transportation, no matter what the destination is, because the costs for it will not be covered (only costs for public transport can be reimbursed)!

We would kindly ask you to use the cheapest possible transport to travel to Prishtina. We remind all the participants to take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before travelling. In that way we can provide better assistance to you in an emergency. 

Travel cost based on distance calculator of the European Commission (http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/education_culture/tools/distance_en.htm). The travel costs will be refunded based on the amounts given below. Please consult with our team before buying your ticket. The travel tickets have to be bought as soon as possible.

Please bring with you your Passport and Your ID card so we will not have problems in Entering Kosova. 

Note!!  Please plan your trip carefully. Your arrival/departure dates should be in line with project dates. You can arrive up to two days earlier and leave no later than two days after the Youth Exchange. The accommodation for the additional days are not covered by the organizers.

Note!!!  Please note if you bought your ticket in your local currency which might be different than EURO, we will calculate your travel costs according to the exchange rates from official European Commission web-site for the month of ticket purchase 


What should each organization prepare before coming on the project?

Each group should have gender balance of participants. This is very important for us. The leaders do not have age limit.

International Night
According to the program with activities, each organization should bring national flag, food, drinks and music, materials for the organization from previous projects or country and also some video presentation if you cannot find it on YouTube.
At the working room will be wireless internet so during the stay in the participants will have access on internet 24/7.
According to the information provided by the Metrology Association in November, the temperature will be between 10-15 ° C with rain and snow, and in the night hours the temperature will be between 0-5 ° C.


People arriving at the Prishtina Airport:
Our team will be happy to pick you at the airport, each team leader should send us the information of arrival in Prishtina Airport. 
However here we have some information how to reach Accommodation place in Germia. Currently here is no bus line from the Prishtina airport to the city. The airport is not far away from the city and the participants should take a taxi. The maximum payment for a taxi from the airport to Germia is 15 Euro. Do not get in the taxi before you arrange for the price. For participants arriving by bus, they should also take a taxi where the maximum payment for a taxi from the bus station to Germia is 5 Euro.

People arriving at the Skopje Airport:
If you arrive by plane in Skopje, you will have to go the Skopje bus station by the bus line or taxi.
Since 2012 it is possible to travel between the new airport terminal and centre of Skopje, by taking the bus of Vardar Express. In the inner city of Skopje there are four stops: at Hotel Continental, International Bus Station (this is where you should stop), Hotel Holiday Inn and Hotel Alexander Palace. The bus ride takes about 30 minutes. Vardar Express departs approximately eight times a day in the direction of the city; the time of departure depends on the flights that are during the day. Tickets are available at the Vardar Express counter inside the terminal and from the bus driver. One-way ticket price: 175 Macedonian denars. The currency in Macedonia is Macedonian Denar (MKD) where 1 Euro = 61.3 MKD. 
If there is no bus after you arrive, than you should take a taxi, the approximate payment for a taxi from the airport of Skopje to the bus station is 900 MKD (15 Euro). After you arrive at the bus station you should take a bus from Skopje to Prishtina which will cost about 300 MKD (5 Euro). After your arrival in the central bus station of Prishtina, than you should take a taxi for coming at Germia.


Germia National Park is one of the largest parks and the most composed one of the city, covered in pine trees on both sides and with an area of 62 km2, this park offers recreational opportunities in various sports including a swimming pool as one of the greatest among the water catchment in the Balkans, areas for basketball, jogging, skiing and many other sports. In Germia you can visit many restaurants suitable to the environment there and offer many different kinds of food. Bus number 4 sends you to the park; however, if you use the vehicle the entrance will cost you one euro. These are general information about Germia. Moreover, as in Prishtina during the summer the temperature are very high, Germia is very refreshing environment and suitable for different activities.

Location for our training: The training will take place at National Park Germia. Address: Str. Shpetim Robaj, Recreative Center, Germi. For the ones who arrive to Prishtina by bus, we advise you to drop off in bus station and from there we will order taxi for you. Even though, near to the bus station you have taxi. After that you can come directly to Germia, everybody knows the place, if not tell them to drop you at basketball field in Germia and right there is the Recreative Center, very visibly.

Accommodation: You will be accommodated on very cute small wood homes, three – four persons in rooms, and there you have things for sleeping for each of you, there isn’t hair dryer so please bear on mind if you need to take it. Also take with you hygienic things (shampoo for showering, towel); the rest will be covered by us.
Each wood house is consisted by a bathroom, with all the necessary equipment; sleeping room where are beds for sleeping, wardrobe, table with four chairs and a little fridge and also a hallway where you can leave your shoes and others things which you don’t want to have in the sleeping room.


Hairdryers if you need
Iron if you need
Bed sheets
Comfortable clothes and shoes for some workshops
Materials/information about your organization
Typical food and drinks
Flag of your countries

As you may not know, Kosovo is Europe’s youngest new born country, but not the youngest nation at all. The Albanians are the one of the oldest races in Europe and they speak the oldest language. Cultures and religions have been clashing Kosovo for centuries, but between the periods of unrest, this small, landlocked country has pioneered peaceful coexistence and mutual enrichment of cultures.
Prishtina, is an eclectic city with a vibrant café culture.
The Kosovo countryside has beautiful mountain peaks, waterfalls and lakes which are great destinations for adventure travellers. Combine all this with affordable prices and it’s not hard to see why you won’t be disappointed. Whether you’re sipping coffee in cosmopolitan cafés, hiking through the nature or visiting historic sites of Kosovo, you’ll find a land of surprising beauty.


Kosovo currency is Euro. If you come from a country where is used a different currency, then you can change them into Euros at any bank or exchange office.


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