Approved KA2: Gender Out Of The Box

Gender in a BOX is a transnational project (KA2 Capacity Building), involving 9 partner countries, with a set of well composed skills and experience among the consortium which proposes to work "differently" on gender issues, starting from educating young boys and men, in order to achieve gender equality and equity. The project is composed of 5 main actions in capacity building in local level and mobility activities.

The main aim of the project is raise the capacities of youth organizations on promoting gender equality through working with young boys and men, while targeting them as the main actors not only as the cause of the problem. As well it seeks to equip participants with concrete tools and methods they can use in local level to include more boys and men in gender equality through youth work.

The project will take place 15 November 2018 – 14 January 2020.


1. Train youth workers/leaders and young people with approaches to working with young boys and men in gender based work while providing them with concrete tools and methods
2. Support and improve skills of youth workers by giving them practical and professional skills in addressing gender based issues from different angles
3. De-construct some of the challenges young men face in adolescence while using a gender lens by focusing on masculinity (ies), address in the youth work sphere
4. Promote empowerment and life skills necessary for young men to develop healthy relationships based on gender equality, to understand their physical, sexual and emotional development and to address all forms of violence in their everyday life.
5. Create a team of young Trainers that are skilled in the topic of gender equality trough inclusion of more boys and men, who can act as multipliers
6. Foster the participation of youth workers in taking an active role in promoting gender equality and equity in their daily work and all aspects of life.
7. Promote the Erasmus + YiA Program as a strong tool for promoting gender issues, especially to start a practice of working ore with young boys and men.

The projects methodology is based on NFE, learning by doing approach and learner centered approach. Each activity is carefully planned and will qualitatively be implemented from a strong cooperation of all partners, with the support of experience professionals, trainers, facilitators and managers team in the field of education, gender issues and inclusion.


1. Kick Off meeting - Sofia, Bulgaria - 26-28 January 2019
Two days activity to be hosted in Sofia, Bulgaria. Each partner sends 1 project coordinator were for 2 days project is introduced, tasks are shared and fine tuning of activity implementation is done.

2. Seminar
Seminar will bring together partner promoters, youth workers and practitioners in a 6 days programme. Event will be hosted in Durres, Albania.

3. Training for Trainers
Tools and methods on how to work with young boys and men – 8 days – in Durres, Albania.

Product: During this event participants will be encouraged to practice skills in real time while conducting own workshops.
These workshops will be collected in a Toolkit which will serve to all consortium and outer stakeholders, plus other youth workers to work with the proposed topic.

4. “Acting locally” - In each partner country
Activities in local level during 1 week in each partner country. The TfT participants will act as multipliers and shall conduct the local actions during this week. Partners will receive a specific budget to organise and implement these events.

5. Evaluation Seminar 
The seminar is to be hosted in FYRoM, as a 5 days event with 31 participants.

List of partner organizations:
Woman towards integration-Albania
Futuro Digitale-Italy
Sdruzhenie Evropeyski Proekti V Balgaria-Bulgaria
Thy NGO- Kosovo
Somborksi Edukativni Centar-Serbia
Asociacion Egeria Desarrollo Social- Spain
United Societies Of Balkans Astiki Etaireia- Greece
Asociatia Super Tineri (ASIRYS)- Romania
Association for Progress, Education and Lobbying PEL SKOPJE-Macedonia


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