Arts Lab Report: My first month in Târgu Frumos

My first month of volunteering in Târgu Fumos finished. When I arrived here, as I came from Italy, I immediately started the quarantine at home. Than, one week later we all begun to stay at home. Because of this situation our work and experience here has, of course, become a bit different from what I expected and we all had to change our plans and to organise the work for the project in a different way. 

During the first week here, I had my first Whatsapp meeting with Nikolia, our mentor. We presented ourselves and talked about my motivation and expectations for the next months. I also organised the first workshop (about the bases of photography) that I would like to set up here. I hope I will be able to start as soon as the quarantine time is over. I also collaborated in the writing of Sports Activator articles for which I created 17 info-graphic files with photos and also 17 texts for the Facebook page. I also wrote the Italian lines for the arrival song composed with the other volunteers, that is about our arrive in Romania. Finally, on Friday, we had the first Romanian lesson, to which I participated through Skype.

During the second week here, we the other volunteers, I dedicated in the exercising and recording of the lines of the arrival song. We also did some gardening and exercised in drawing workshop, both with pencil and watercolors. I also had to finish to write and fix the Sport Activator articles. In the weekend we had the meeting with our mentor and the second Romanian lesson by Skype, for which we had to make a short presentation about ourselves. 

The third week, I started to dedicate to a photo project about our daily routine at home during quarantine, it has been a good way to try to look in a different way to the everyday life and to try to tell about us through images. We also dedicated all together in the writing of the text of a song to talk about coronavirus. Than I collaborated in the shooting of 2 workshops, one related to a health recipe (how to make the Kapuska) and the other of a drawing session. I also made a pizza. Finally we had the meeting with Nikolia and our third Romanian lesson, in which we learnt how to count and the name of some fruits and vegetables. 

In this last week, I followed with the second part of my photography project, for which I had to focus more on each of us to tell something about our passions and what we are doing in these days. I took 5 photos for each one of us, including me, and I attached a short story that we previously wrote. 

I liked to dedicate to these projects because it has been an opportunity to make a memory of what we are living and to tell about us. I also helped Hanul and Omar in the shooting of a 2 minutes video destined to their Spanish sending organisation. 

Finally, together with the other volunteers I took part to the 4 Romanian lesson with Ioana. 

Because of the quarantine this fist month has been different from my expectations. I know very little about Târgu Frumos, right now I have only been to the bank and the supermarket. Next month it will be the same, so I will continue to find new ways to organise my time and to work and I hope the situation will soon get better. 

Written by Eliana Colzani

Eliana is European volunteer for 8 months, in Arts Lab 2.0 project,  funded by European Solidarity Corps, with the support of European Union.



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