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Sports Activator project involved two main transnational meetings in Romania: a seminar and a short term volunteering activity, which involved more than 60 participants from 6 organisations of Turkey, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania. Aiming to raise the awareness on the value of sport and physical activity in relation to the personal, social and professional development of individuals, Sports Activator managed to gather together the ideas, the skills and the passions for physical education, nutrition and sports of 60 sport teachers, trainers, youth workers, volunteers, coaches, people involved in sport clubs and different people with various backgrounds in the sports field.

During the seminar, we created a toolbox with the methods, tools, games, activities and all the information that we all agreed on putting in there, for other youth workers or sport facilitators that would like to learn more about engaging youth in sport activities. We worked together to design a non-formal sport event, that we tested at local level, having the opportunity to practice and to see the reaction of teachers, children, parents and youth workers to our ideas. Feedback part was one of the important ways of improving the project, when after the event we gathered to speak about what happened, what we could do better in different communities with different cultures, what we should do according to various situations and what to keep in mind in organizing future sport events. Everyone engaged has learnt about preparing a program with activities, working under stress, adapting to new and unexpected situations, discovered team work, responsibility and the importance of feedback in the learning process. For the returning home, all the participants understood what they have to do next, in order to create an international sports event in their community, based on our toolkit and to share it to more people that can make use of it.

The one month volunteering activity followed the seminar and gave the opportunity to 27 sport volunteers to learn to become sport leaders in their community, to gain experience and to try and develop their skills according to their own needs. During the volunteering activity, the participants implemented sport events in 11 different communities (Ruginoasa, Pașcani, Ciurbești, Butea, Oțeleni, Crucea, Lungani, Cucuteni, Miclăușeni, Târgu Frumos, Iași), around our region, having the proper workspace to try what they have prepared in the first week of the EVS. With the help of the toolbox created during the seminar, the local volunteers, the trainers and the mentors, they spent in Romania one month full of activities that contributed in creating the necessary abilities for future events. Following different tasks, building teams, creating programs according to different criteria, discovering multiculturality and sharing experience, the participants learnt about promoting, supporting and growing the healthy lifestyle spirit that we commonly agreed that it has an important role in everybody’s daily routine. For the last part of the EVS, participants exchanged experiences, feedback and planned their future activities, in order to bring the knowledge closer to the people that need to understand it better.
The dissemination part has contributed to the efficient sharing of the methods and tools that we developed during Sports Activator around Europe and more children, youngsters and adults have learnt about the benefits of sport. The participants of the Sports Activator transnational meetings organized 20 events in Turkey, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria and Portugal, which involved 652 participants. In Romania, more than 500 children and youth from 11 communities participated in sport activities, we developed a basketball team and an experiential sport center within our youth center, where anyone interested can use the resources and learn about non-formal education in sport.


Sports Activator was a project co-funded by Erasmus Plus Sport, with the support of European Union.  

Sports Activator Project Presentation by Asociaţia SUPER TINERI ASIRYS on Scribd


Toolbox - Sports Activator by Asociaţia SUPER TINERI ASIRYS on Scribd



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