Arts Lab 3.0.: Krista Lipska - July, a challenging month

July was fulfilled with a lot of activities and emotions, so it is quite hard to make a summary of everything that happened. 

One more lovely experience was the trip to Oboroceni, where we were welcomed to do workshops for kids age 7-15. The workshop I created was dedicated to Romanian nature, so kids had the task to make small paintings on rocks with a part of Romania they love the most. I was really pleased that kids were enjoying that and taking the activity quite seriously, creating mini paintings with such accurateness.

And then comes the part about the biggest adventure and challenge during July – we were getting ready for a European Youth exchange project in our youth center. The name of it was “Craftastic” and the main idea was to create workshops and experience exchange about recycling and upcycling everyday plastic items which are not being used anymore. So that gave me a reason to do a small research on this topic and to know about it more. We welcomed people from different countries and had a lot of activities together. It was a great experience that took a lot of energy, but it was totally worth it because it came together with socializing, having intercultural nights, having discussions, gaining confidence in terms of creating activities for a bigger group of people, and successfully bringing that to life. And most important – new friendships were born. 

Overall despite emotional carousels, this month was filled with experience, gratefulness, and adventures that were challenging my limits. Somehow during this, I got proof that I can handle more than I thought and that I can rely on my team. 

An article written by Krista Lipska. She is volunteering within Arts Lab 3.0 project, funded by European Solidarity Corps, with the support of European Union.