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Dissemination Events: Sports Activator in Barcelona, Spain

Ashta Amorós Abelló organised a dissemination event for Sports Activator project in Barcelona, Spain. Her activity involved 26 people between 4-14 years that were divided in three groups. The first group was composed by children between 4 to 5 years. Ashta played different games with them, such as: make a fruit salad, games with a ball, a game where they had to point at different colors, hide and seek. Afterwards, she taught them the name of different fruits and vegetables and they sang some songs together.    The second group was composed by children between 7 to 9 years. This group played the clapping game as an ice-breaker, the 1 to 7 game and musical chairs. They learnt some new vegetables and fruits. Also, they discussed about healthy lifestyle. For another activity she gave them a piece of paper with YES written on it and another with NO written on it. Then they had 10 minutes to write different things they should and shouldn’t do to have a healthy lifestyle. Afterwards, they dis