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Seven months of volunteering in Romania

New month of my EVS and I still can’t believe the time passed so fast. They say that when you do things that you like, you don’t understand how fast the time passes. This happen to me. When they ask me how much time I am here in Romania, I still can’t realize I am here for seven months and I only have five month left.  So enough with the things that make me sad and let’s see the happy things which are the things I learned this month. The first two weeks with Valentin from France, Sandro from Sardinia and the Norwegian volunteers, we organized together some activities in our youth center and in local schools in Tîrgu Frumos, Cucuteni and Zmeu. We started with treasure hunt game in the city, so they learnt the area. I tried to show them as many as possible of what I like in Tîrgu Frumos. The next days we made four teams and I was the leader in one of these. We developed our programs to use them at the schools we would visit, using non-formal education based on multiple intelligence the

Arts Lab Report: The beginning of an adventure

Hi, I'm Sandro, I'm twenty-six and I come from Sardinia, an island in Italy. I left for Romania about a month ago to start a volunteering project. Why? Because I have a dream: to be able to give an emotion and help people with my artistic expression, painting. From the very first days the Asirys association welcomed me warmly, introducing me to other volunteers from other parts of the world such as France, Norway, Belgium, Mexico and Romania. Despite my elementary English I didn't have big problems communicating, they were all patient and understanding and thanks to this environment I was impressed to know the diversity of culture and tradition of the different countries. In the following days I collaborated with them in some nearby schools with children of all ages. It was a very strong experience. I helped blind children to express themselves with artistic games, I played with other kids to give them the opportunity to open their minds, to be curious to know the world wit

Arts Lab Report: First impressions about Romania

Sandro and I arrived in Romania at the beginning of April. The first fifteen days were quiet intense because we were meeting Romania's environment, new work space and a lot of people. Among them, the Norwegian team. Through their stay we created workshops around the thematic of multiple intelligence. By small groups we started to run it in different types of schools, some that has high failure rates, particular community appurtenance, some with autistic or blind students. I was not used to this kind of work, with this kind of audience in this new environment, so the learning process was highly stimulating and efficient, despite the fatigue. The common life and structure of the place we stayed was an interesting human experience, as Alin, our host, and Nikolia, made us feel comfortable and introduced us to the Romanian life. Meanwhile Mihaela try her best to support our arrival and planning our activities. So, the Norwegians and us get the most we can from this experience. After tho