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Volunteer in Greece: New month, new vibe

December started with me remembering about my country, this time because the 1th of December is Romania’s National Day. I felt good to realize that I am part of a nation and that I had the chance to see a broader picture about the world and the world’s problems.   In this month I had set the goal of being useful in any way I could. So, I started. The first thing that I was doing was helping one of the formers social workers from the House of Arsis to paint a wonderful tree. From my point of view this tree is the tree of hope because on one hand it is in a place where many children are finding their hope for a better life and in the other hand because it has been painted in December the month when we are full of hope for a better upcoming year.   The social worker that I was working with the most, Maria, came with some great ideas for Christmas decorations so I helped her doing these with the children. In this way I could see how she talked to them and how she proposed the activities to

Shake your comfort zone, dance the experience!

 “Romania? What is Romania?” Ebet asked herself before taking the decision to come and spend in Târgu Frumos eight months of her life. She’s 29 and came from Mexico for the Arts Lab project, supported and financed by Erasmus+ and implemented by ASIRYS Super Tineri NGO. In Romania was cold at that time and that was the very first thing that hit her here, but the friendly people who welcomed her in the community made Ebet feel a warmth that eclipsed the winter weather. “With me, all the people were polite and gave me attention” she said smiling happily, recalling the nice moments spent here. Ebet Nathanael Bautista studied Communication Sciences for four years in Mexico, but her burning passion is dancing. She started at 17, learning at the Royal Academy of Dance in Barcelona and now she knows jazz, ballet classic, contemporary, belly dance, medieval, ancestral, traditional Mexican and learnt the traditional Romanian dances as well. She came in Romania to discover more dances and to expe

A guy who didn’t like procrastinating

What happens when you travel the world searching to gain more and more knowledge? Valentin has experienced that feeling and he still discovered everyday, motivated by his desire to continue his engagement in volunteering field, as he says. He started with courses for the chess club, back in Reunion, France, where he is from, then continued organizing tournaments, being an animator at different events with different topics like education, sports or music. But then he wanted more and as soon as he moved to Tunisia, he started music courses and picking up trash, which he recognizes that it was demoralizing since he had to deal with a lot of garbage. But he didn’t stop the volunteering activities and decided to try something new, in Romania.   “Travel and change the environment if you want to evolve!” he says after recalling all the things he has improved here, in Târgu Frumos, since his first day as a volunteer in ASIRYS Super Tineri organisation. “I have learnt a lot related to relations

Eveniment Erasmus+: Clubul Pasiunilor

Duminică, 8 decembrie 2019, începând cu ora 14:00, SUPER TINERI vă invită în sala de sport a Şcolii Gimnaziale "Ion Creangă" la un eveniment cultural participativ şi non-formal, pregătit de cei 5 voluntari ai asociaţiei, veniţi din Grecia, Franţa, Spania, Columbia şi Mexic.  Evenimentul va implica peste 50 de copii beneficiari din oraşul Târgu Frumos, elevi ai Şcolilor "Ion Creangă" şi "Garabet Ibrăileanu". Evenimentul propune o competiţie de baschet, o expoziţie foto, un concurs de desen cu temă arheologică, un spectacol de balet şi dans contemporan, şi o expoziţie de şah. Intrarea este liberă.  Evenimentul reprezintă încheierea programului de educaţie non-formală "Clubul Pasiunilor", implementat în perioada 1 octombrie 2019 - 5 decembrie 2019, în cadrul Şcolii "Ion Creangă" Târgu Frumos. În cadrul programului, ce reuneşte voluntari sosiţi în România în cadrul a 3 proiecte europene, au fost dezvoltate 13 ateliere tematice, la c

An Italian artist in Târgu Frumos

"The life is beautiful to see and to live and the world is too big. Don’t use social media for nothing. Learn, don’t use stereotypes, ask questions, when, why, who… don’t be afraid to ask about life!” says Sandro smiling to me, when I told him to share with me a piece of advice that he would give to the young people from Târgu Frumos. He stayed six months here, in this tiny town, doing activities at the ASIRYS Youth Center, gathering people who wanted to learn more about art and his way of expressing emotion. Sandro Piliu comes from Italy, Sardinia and says about himself that he’s a “little artist”, even if all the people around him declare that he’s much more than that. He has a lot of different talents and passions, but the most important one is the art of tattoos. He decided to come here, in Romania, because of his desire to find more and more about life and what it has to offer. “I get easily bored, I want to see outside the island.” He confessed that when he found th