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Arts Lab 4.0: Month IV, Cihan - Strange

When I started to write these notes, it felt a little strange that four months had passed since the start of the project. Time passed so fast on the one hand, and on the other hand, it felt strange as if I had been living here for a much longer time because of the many memories we had. This month's theme is Rromani culture. This work was an enjoyable process for me. We started the project by watching many documentaries in order to get to know the Rroma culture better. Afterward, we watched one of my favorite movies, "Time for the Gypsies" together. Then we held art workshops in a secondary school for two weeks to introduce the Rroma culture to children. In these workshops, I worked on Rroma music with children. We learned, played and sang songs together. And at the concert I will organize on the day of the exhibition, some of these children will sing the songs they learned. I think it will be great. For the exhibition day, I will give a violin recital inspired by the &quo

Arts Lab 4.0: Month IV, Maja Mörchen - 4 months in Romania

4 months volunteering. 4 months in Romania. Technically a little bit less since I was home over Christmas. Still, more than half of my experience is over. We still don’t know exactly when we’re going to finish but right now I expect it to be the end of March. So two and a half months or one and a half museums remain. A lot has happened in this 4th month just as in the months before and probably also in the ones that are coming. As I said already, I went back to Germany over Christmas. It was definitely good to see friends and family again. I missed them and we spend good time together. Being home and also not having to work was really relaxing. But it was also weird to be back. I fell into old routines almost too easily and it kind of felt like I never left and all my experiences never happened. I think that’s because my life here and my life in Germany have basically no connection, like I’m living to separate lives. Before going back for Christmas we finished the Cucute

Arts Lab 4.0: Month IV, Wasan Abusummaqah - Almost over

Another month, another report. Here I am writing this monthly report with my mind thinking that I only have two months left here. In the past month, we did the Cucuteni alternative museum, it was fast and short this time, we had a short period to work on this exhibition, but we managed to do it like we always do.  We had our Christmas and new year’s holidays; it was my first time experiencing Christmas outside my country and with people who celebrate it. We went to Cluj to celebrate the new year and it was some of my favorite days here in Romania, we danced, celebrated, and watched the fireworks lighting up the sky at 00:00. Ataota and I had the Arabic intercultural night, we got the chance to talk about the Arab world in general, about our culture, our countries, and what matters most to us to clarify for foreigners about the stereotypes and other stuff. We also introduced them to our cuisine and dances. Currently, we are working on a new topic, a new exhibition, which is about the Ro

Arts Lab 4.0: Month III, Chiara Gentili - Courage

If I have to be honest, I still struggle to realize that even the third month has already passed and that therefore I have officially reached the middle of my experience. The past month has been the most complicated and complex for me. For the first time since I started volunteering I came out of the magic bubble that has been created and I went back to Italy for the Christmas holidays. I do not hide that I felt fear because I feared to go back in time and lose all the things experienced and learned here. This feeling has in fact accompanied me a little in these days, but my family and friends welcomed me with open arms and hearts full of love. Before leaving, I worked on the creation of the Cucuteni Alternative museum. In the design phase I felt lost because I was not clear in mind how to reconcile this culture with the work I would have to do with the students of the Garabet Ibrăileanu institute. For the first time, however, I had the courage to rely on myself and this has allowed me

Arts Lab 4.0: Month III, Fatma Mohamed Ibrahim Mahmoud - An old civilization

This month we started to work on the Cucuteni Alternativ, we visited museums and the Cucuteni land, and we did workshops with the students to tell them more about the Cucuteni civilization but in our own way. When I heard about this old civilization I found it so interesting so I wanted to know more. I had a lot of questions because they are a mysterious culture, and the part that I like the most is that they respected women, women back then had rights. In my third month as a volunteer, I did my second exhibition related to the Cucuteni civilization. This exhibition was different because we all collaborated together and I can tell that the more you collaborate with people, the more you’ll get inspired, and the more you’ll have a final product made with love. Dance was my main topic, I collaborated with Chiara, Wasan, Maja, Federica, and the local volunteers and we created “Genesis “ video. In this video, I depicted the process of raising a baby till it grows into a woman. I won’t forge