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TOTAL project or how to become a trainer?

Non formal education has got rising impact on young people all across Europe. European Union is supporting different forms of non-formal education, and includes it in its policies and structures. At the same time, this sector is not fully regulated, and formal approaches to professionalization of education and development of non-formal education staff are uncommon and limited.  How to become a trainer? Who issues the certificates? What is the difference between junior and senior trainer? How to ensure quality of delivered trainer’s work? There are any questions and issues for a debate so that it why we have started with Training of Trainers and Active Leaders - the project which is complex and includes 3 mobility activities: TOTAL Basic, TOTAL Advance and TOTAL Lab.  Training of Trainers and Active Leaders – TOTAL Basic was organised by TDM2000 Polska and took place from 12th to 19th of September 2016 in Krzyżowa, Poland and equipped 35 young leaders, youth workers and junior trai

Schimb de tineri în Grecia: The Green Way

În perioada 17-25 noiembrie, 6 tineri cu vârsta cuprinsă între 18-25 de ani, vor beneficia de o mobilitate în Grecia, în zona Ioannina. Toate costurile sunt suportate de Un iunea Europeană prin Programul Erasmus Plus. Mai multe detalii despre proiect, mai jos.  What the project The Green Way is about? Our organisation is concerned about the natural environment in general and its’ problems, trying to promote care for the natural environment among young people. As we are actively involved within “Let’s Do It!” worldwide environmental activities, we are well aware of the environmental problems the Earth is facing and we believe that there are easy ways how individuals can help to change the environmental situation. We want to carry out this project in order to promote the value of individual and local environmental activities, “green” lifestyle and new ideas for solutions of environmental problems. What are the main aims of The Green Way project? To promote care of the natural envir

Online tools for organizations

One of the best outputs f rom  the Erasmus + training "Media Retreat" organized in Birmingham, UK , is a list with free media tools th at we ca n use in order to improve our wor k in our organi zation . You can fin d the list bellow and we adv ice you to pl ay a bit with them, for sure you 'll discover something that fits you.  Analytical tools – a website linking your social media profiles & giving you a social media impact score, with additional topics that you are leading on the web 2.0. - Buffer enables social media managers to schedule posts on social networks throughout the day and evening. It’s analytics tools will also evaluate your posts to deduce the best possible times to share your content. Periscope: iTunes/GooglePlay - Periscope is a mobile app connected to Twitter that enables nonprofits to easily broadcast live from special events or while on location. - RiteTag allows you to track in real-time the

Erasmus calls: Gypsy HeART & DancInclusion

For 4 October deadline we prepared 2 applications: one training course - Gipsy HeART and one EVS project: DancInclusion. If you want to be our partners, please send us the information about your organisation to superyouthprojects @ Bellow, you can find a short description for both projects.  Gypsy HeART Gypsy HeART is a training course for youth workers from all over Europe, which aims to develop solidarity and promote tolerance towards minorities, particularly with Rroma. During the training, the youth workers will experience non-formal art methods as dance-theater, Cucuteni clay workshop, forum theater etc. and in the same time, they will work to create new methods which will be tested during a big cultural event dedicated to Rroma culture, organized by youth, in rural area. During 8 days of training, the participants will discover Rroma culture, will visit and work in Rroma villages and will experience the "gypsy lifestyle", all of these, with the purpos