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Nothing can stop true motivation

“I don’t want a goodbye party because I want to continue the activities here” said Nikolia some time ago, when she finished her EVS (European Volunteering Service currently named European Solidarity Corps) project of one year. And she did, because she has found a home in Romania, in Târgu Frumos. Nikolia came from Greece in an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange in 2018 called Rroma HeArt and she fell in love with Romania, the activities that we were doing at the Youth Center and the Super Tineri organisation. So she decided that she needs to escape her ordinary life and do something new, that would fulfill her soul and would help her grow both personally and professionally.   Back in Greece, Nikolia was unemployed and she says that she couldn’t find a job that she liked. She has been a volunteer in a youth center in Ioannina and the Red Cross, but she confessed that nothing was like the experience from Romania: “In one year I did completely new things than in my previous life”. She came wi

Testimonial: Process of Changes

Yeliz, one of our partners, asked us few weeks ago if we can recommend one of our youth-workers to attend an Erasmus+ training course in Poland. We shared the Infopack of " Process Of Changes" project  in our group and Florin Păduraru, who has 5 years since he started coming to our youth center, said yes! Last days he came back from the mobility and he shared with us that this course changed his life, in a way that he realized his biggest dream is to work in a NGO. More about the learning experience, in his testimonial.  Every project that I was part of, changed something in me and made me a better person but the time spent in Jaworowy Dom helped me realize all of the changes that occurred in the past years in my life and also made me aware that I'm so much different than the person I was thinking I am. When I was heading for Poland I didn't know that such a big impact is heading towards my life. To be honest the first thought that came to my mind when I first

Volunteers Assignment: Case Study

Context : ASIRYS organisation is a non-profit and non-political organization, established in 2009 in Romania, that aims to develop communities through active participation, volunteering, cultural and non-formal education. The vision of ASIRYS is to engage citizens, especially youth, in order to develop them into leaders of positive and sustainable change for their communities. The organization runs mostly based on volunteering work . The most active years of the organization were in 2015-2016  when they managed to engage in one year, 120 volunteers that organized 360 educational  events involving 6.000 beneficiaries from all the county of Iaşi, and 2018-2019, when the  organisation coordinated 5 different and complex projects that involved 32 international  volunteers, 20 local volunteers and more than 10.000 beneficiaries from 20 small  communities. 70% of the volunteers and beneficiaries are coming from rural area, the organisation works in general with children and youth