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Arts Lab 4.0: Month IV, Sara Torrijos - Lot of inspiration

December is my fourth month in Romania, during the last part of November we finished the Alternative Museum of Folklore, and the final exhibition has been incredible. I am really proud of my friends, they worked really hard and this is something that we could feel when they showed their final artwork. So for the exhibition of the Cucuteni, I was expecting the best, and of course, it was a really beautiful experience. We exchanged different roles during the exhibition and we created a really full journey to the Cucuteni civilization. One of the things that I most liked was the fact that we worked connecting, and also we exchanged a lot of inspiration with each other. While I was preparing my final product for the last museum (Cucuteni Alternative Museum), working with the students of Garabet Ibrăileanu School, I finished my personal artwork and showed it in Espacio LaRaiz in Granada, Spain. It is very exciting to realize how this time has made me change, I have also realized that I am a

Arts Lab 4.0: Month III, Cihan - Cucuteni

The subject of work of our art team this month was "Cucuteni Community".  What is Cucuteni? To put it briefly, it is one of the oldest civilizations in Europe dating from 5300-3200 BC. It got its name from the village of the same name, near Romania - Iaşi. It is a civilization whose first remains were discovered in 1884. There is not much information available about this community so far because this community sets its homes on fire at certain intervals throughout its life processes. And then they rebuild everything. It is known as a community that does not fight and focuses on art. I examined some of the craft products realized and discovered by this society in the museums we visited for our studies.  It was a very enjoyable process for me. The many wonderful symbols used on the pottery caught my attention the most. And then I tried to learn the meanings of these symbols. After we got enough information about the Cucuteni community, we held meetings with our art team to see

Arts Lab 4.0: Month IV, Federica Colzani - Dolce far niente

I am writing this report from Italy, where I will stay for the Christmas holidays. It's very weird to not be all day in the youth center with all my chaotic friends and so many things to do but I realized one more time how much all this project is important for me.  Another beautiful experience was the Italian night. Chiara and I worked so much to show our hosts the Italian "dolce far niente", but the beautiful atmosphere gave us back all the effort we put into it. I can't wait to come back to Târgu Frumos and see which challenges, feelings, and experiences will bring me in the next months. Federica Colzani from Italy is doing a long-term volunteering project in our organisation, under Arts Lab 4.0, a project funded by European Solidarity Corps , a programme of the European Union.

Arts Lab 4.0: Month IV, Yavuzhan Gumus - A lot of fun

This month's topic is the Cucuteni civilization. Working on creating the exhibition for this Cucuteni Alternative was interesting to me because we don't know much about this society, we don't have any written sources from their times, except ceramic. I understood that these people didn't fight, they concentrated on art, and they periodically burned their entire settlement. They worked a lot to rebuild their houses. No one has clarified the reason for these events. This month I went to a new school and shared this information with the students. I explained the building plan of Cucuteni and asked the students to draw a community plan. During the other workshops, I asked them to make houses from clay material and these houses became part of the final product that I presented during the final exhibition.  It was a lot of fun to work with the students and I can't wait for the next topic.   Yavuzhan Gumus is from Turkey and he is doing a long-term volunteering project i

Arts Lab 4.0: Month II, Chiara Gentili - Live every moment

Time passes inexorably and is dense but at the same time short. In the last month we finished the Alternative Museum of Folklore and I took part in my first installation. Seeing all the collective efforts materialize made me understand the greatness of the passion that each of us is committing to the project, and that feeling was wonderful.  There was no lack of unexpected events, which sometimes made my days a little more gray, but at the same time the love and dedication that I feel I receive every day, allow me to always have new energy to spend with others. With the magical Federica I collaborated to create our Italian night. The effort used was a lot, but directly proportional to the satisfaction in seeing the smiles on the face of our guests. For the future I hope to be able to continue to live every moment with the same joy, lightness and intensity that are accompanying me now. Chiara Gentili is from Italy and she's doing a six-month volunteering project under Arts Lab 4.0,