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Arts Lab 4.0: Month III, Federica Colzani - Full of experiences

This third month has been more than ever full of experiences.  After the final exposition of the Muzeul Alternativ de Folclor I realized how much work, feelings and effort we put in our activities.  In my case I presented the mural painting, some drawings that I did during the meetings, a canvas that represents 22 characters of folklore and a series of small paintings inspiring by "Păpădie", the video that Ataota, Chiara, Cihan and Wasan realized based on the story of Miorița. All the products and the workshops created by my colleagues were amazing but we know that we could have never had these results without the help of the local volunteers, the experience of the workshops in Petru Rareș highschool and the help we provided each other.  The Folcloristica festival was important too for the realization of MAF: we had the opportunity to see traditional clothes and dances, to listen to traditional songs and to try traditional food. In the same time, the workshops with the childr

Arts Lab 4.0: Month III, Sara Torrijos - Inspiring & creative

When I look at the calendar and see that I have been living in Romania for 3 months already, I can hardly believe it! The last month has been fully of experiences and activities, among them, being involved in the Folcloristica Festival (VIII) the last week of October was an incredible experience where we could see some of the most representative dancing performances of different villages. The Turkish international night was very funny, we could enjoy with the company of the local volunteers and I could see my friends and dance with them. The final exposition of MAF Muzeul Alternativ de Folclor was undoubtedly the most awaited moment for everyone, we worked really hard in our final products, I finished a beautiful board game with 34 cards illustrated by students, friends and local artists in the community. I’m feeling really excited with this project and with the help of Alin, we created the online game. Also, I created the identity of my board game called MYTH, the logotype and identit

Arts Lab 4.0: Month III, Yavuzhan Gumus - Countless

I have completed my third month in Romania, during this period I have participated in many different activities and I met countless nice people. Now we have finished the exhibition and activities for the Alternative Folklore Museum that we have been working on for days. This process was very enjoyable, it helped us to get to know the Romanian culture well. Besides that, we gave people the opportunity to participate in activities where they had fun and learned. At the end of this topic, we had our final exhibition, and thanks to this event, I had the opportunity to reflect on the whole process again. I had the chance to see again what great work my teammates did. I made 22 sculptures inspired by Romanian myths, legends, and stories, that I presented during the exhibition using a non-formal approach. We have the Cucuteni Alternative Museum ahead of us, I can't wait for that. And we started to feel the real winter in Romania, it snowed for the first time. Yavuzhan Gumus is from Turke

Arts Lab 4.0: Month II, Cihan - Precious memories

It's been two months since I came to Romania. I'm surprised. Time goes really fast here. In the process, I met hundreds of wonderful people. I learned great things about Romanian culture. We have organized workshops for hundreds of children in many schools. And we made great memories. As time went on, our dedication to our fellow artist volunteers grew into a wonderful collaboration and a wonderful friendship. I think my other friends would agree as well. Everyone always supports someone. And this is how our work goes very smoothly. Our unforgettable friendship stories are accumulating. We learn together, have fun together and travel together, and it's a really great experience.  I would like to talk about a few very precious memories that have remained in my mind this month. We attended the Romanian Folcloristica Festival. This event was so much fun. In this festival, I had the opportunity to observe and experience Romanian culture with its dances, songs, food and clothes.

Arts Lab 4.0: Month II, Maja Mörchen - A new level

Now I have already been part of this project for two months which means 1/3rd of my time here is over. That is crazy to think about. It simultaneously feels like I have been here forever and like I just arrived yesterday. My second month started with us participating in an event in Ruginoasa. We did some workshops but also got to watch and participate in dances and other traditions. Also, we visited the castle there. The next day we visited the location of the Folcloristica Festival. I especially liked that we got to experience part of a church service there. An even bigger highlight was the fact that the wood for our oven got delivered so we knew that we would be warm and comfortable in winter. For that we gladly dealt with stepping over wood slices and passing some men cutting the wood for a few days. The next week we spent two free days in Constanța. We walked barefoot on the beach and saw the sunrise but also visited museums about art and Folklore. I really loved spending time at t

Arts Lab 4.0: Month II, Wasan Abusummaqah - A blink of an eye

Two months already has flown by like a blink of an eye. A lot of new things happened and a lot of new beginnings. This month was mostly focused on the folklore of Romania, which I find really interesting and fun to learn about. Romania for sure has a rich history of traditions and stories, and what is most fascinating is how they keep preserving it to this day and for all new generations. We got to work on that this past month and we did several workshops with kids at schools. We also had Folcloristica and I got to experience what being part of a jury is about, I got to see a lot of people from different villages compete with each other not to win something in particular but in fact to keep their legacies alive. It was fun to get to experience that. We went to the seaside of Romania, to Constanța, the black sea, and for me, this short trip of two days was some of the best days so far in my journey here. It was calming and definitely soul-enriching. -------- Wasan Abusummaqah is from Jo