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Youth Exchange CI PIACE

“CI PIACE” is a 9 days mobility of young people - Youth exchange, organized by ASAP Europe in Fasano, Italy from 19th to 27th of October 2018 that involves 42 young people and youth leaders from Italy, Poland, Macedonia, Greece, Portugal, Romania and Bulgaria. The youth exchange will explore the concepts of citizenship in general and European citizenship in particular and active participation of young people in social, economic and political life. The project tackles the issues of declined trends of social, economic and political engagement of citizens on national and European level, low trust in democratic institutions and representatives, little or no interest and knowledge of citizen’s rights and obligations, partial understanding of work and role of EU institutions and decision-making process in the Union. That’s why the youth exchange will address and raise awareness about all of these issues and will educate, motivate and equip young people with competences to take active part

YE: Is tourism the answer for a better future?

ABOUT THE PROJECT   At the youth exchange "is tourism the answer for a better future?" youngsters from 5 different countries (Slovenia, Turkey, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania) will come together to learn about tourism and the development of our regions from where we are coming from. Europe still didn't recover from the world financial crisis. The youngsters are still afraid of their future, because the employers are searching for young people that are 23 years old but they should have 20 - 30 years of experience. We all know that this is not possible. On the other side, young people still don't get the chance to prove themselves to the local community that they are strong enough to manage something new and big. Tourism is one of the most fastest growing industries in the world. People will always travel, because time of traveling got shorter, traveling got more comfortable and even the whole traveling got cheap and almost everyone can afford it now. We will expl