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My second month as international volunteer in Romania

  ... So continuing my EVS trip in Tirgu Frumos. Thanks to Mihaela - the project coordinator, Dragoş - my mentor, Alin - my Romanian teacher and the volunteers of our organisation, Asirys, I had another wonderful month in Romania that passed so fast, full of new information, new pictures, new trips and many new friends. From the first days of the month we continued our cooperation with the local shop where we organized some meetings with the volunteers and discussed about the Greek intercultural day. We also started an event called "Thank God it's Friday", where we are presenting each Friday, European movies in our youth center for the volunteers and all people interested. The first movie we saw it was a German one which was followed by an interesting conversation about the message and what we can learn from it. During the weekend, I visited the botanical garden in Iasi and saw a lot of flowers and trees that grow in the country this season. The second week started with