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Arts Lab 5.0: Sena Yavuz, Turkey - Month 4

Ups, I’m here again. I’m still not aware of the months that we spent all together in Romania. I feel like we are still in the beginning and there is a lot to go. But anyway, it is better to focus on the moment and enjoy it.  When it comes to the things that happened this month, I should say that it happened a lot! We started the month with an intense day. We visited the Jewish museum in Iași and got informed more about the Jewish people and the Holocaust. I should confess that the things that I learned there really touched me. After having this sad experience we went to the celebration of minorities event which changed our mood. We met with a lot of Rroma people and watched their amazing performances. We also did a short performance on the stage about our countries, which was fun. While all of these things were happening, we also gave an interview to the national TV. So we continue to gain fame across the Iaşi :’)  At the end of the day, we went to a dance school documented some artist

Arts Lab 5.0: Olha Popova, Ukraine - Month 4

 (The photos are not in order...) I'm going to start in chronological order. 1) The cat is still coming to our house (I guess he thinks we are a hotel or something...) 2) We finished our residency at Moldova School. 3) I spent 2 amazing weeks of my holiday in the house of a local volunteer, with his family, on Christmas and New Year. 4) Caravans Caravans Caravans Caravans... 5) We held JEMOM exhibition. About Moldova school: It wasn't the easiest residency for me. To be exact, it was the most difficult one. (And everyone expected the first school to be the hardest one). Have you ever tried to teach some of the visual art stuff to blind kids without a translator? Well, it's not easy. I tried to make a clay workshop for it to be tactile, but with my luck, I got the smallest kids, and those usually come with some embarrassing situations as additional luggage. I hope that for the next generation, there will be some teacher-volunteer introduction first. To be honest, I'm jus

Arts Lab 5.0: Dajana Zharassov, Germany - Month 4

Hello again! Welcome to my fourth report here in Romania. First of all, Happy New Year, everyone! I wish everyone the best. I ended my year with a lot more knowledge and discoveries about myself, more artistic knowledge, a year full of memories such as my school graduation, coming to Romania to be part of Arts Lab 5.0, and meeting people from so many different countries that I now call friends. I am thankful for 2023, which was a stressful but happy year, and I am excited for 2024. I am happy to experience the first few months here in Romania. This month started with us participating in a Rroma event in Iași where each of us had to present our country on the stage. I really enjoyed this event. The performances were great, from the Traditional Romanian dances and songs to the traditional Rroma dances and songs. It was so much fun to see each of us on stage, and I loved how we supported each other. I did the same Karnevals dance and threw candies to the kids that screamed Camille. I love

Arts Lab 5.0: Hajer Ben Hadj Sghaier, Tunisia - Month 4

In the fourth month of volunteering in Romania, I experienced many amazing events, the most important of which was celebrating Christmas in a very special way. We exchanged gifts and also had a group dinner, making it one of the most beautiful events I have ever experienced. I also spent ten days in the hospitality of a Romanian family, and it was more than a wonderful experience through which I learned many Romanian customs and traditions, the language, and got to know the most delicious dishes. I also shared some Tunisian dishes. This experience was one of the best I had here because it was full of emotions. I don't really know how I will leave Romania; it will be difficult because I feel that I have completely connected and harmonized with the place and the people. This month also included the German Cultural Night, which was good and taught me a lot about Germany and its customs and traditions. On the other hand, I had another interesting experience with children with special n