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Arts Lab 3.0: Volunteers Assignment

Super Tineri ASIRYS Association is a non-profit and non-political organization, established in 2009 in Târgu Frumos, Romania, which engages youth in order to develop them into leaders of positive and sustainable change for their communities.  The mission of Super Tineri – ASIRYS is to support the progress of communities in all fields. The organizational priorities are: To create opportunities for young people; To promote civic responsibility and diversity; To preserve cultural heritage; To support and promote the arts and creative industries. In February 2020, the organization opened a new youth center (check the 3D presentation ) in which it wants to develop activities to address the 4 organizational priorities.  The idea of local volunteers is also to launch a creative café called Mapamond in order t o ensure sustainability and raise funds to support local projects and young people's free access to educational and cultural resources. You decided to join the team of Super Tineri

Changemaker: Raluca Andreea Lasiana Heleșteanu - Blooming World

Project Title : Blooming World Changemaker :  Raluca Andreea Lasiana Heleșteanu Message for the world : Your opinion will help the world bloom! 1. Previous experience: No previous experience.   2. The Problem :   Freedom of speech is very important to me because children should know how to be open to the world, how to socialize, to teach one another. If this right is not respected, they will not be able to have a normal childhood and, therefore, they won`t find their place in society, which leads to sad adults who aren't in control of their own life. 3. The Solution :   I will organize a workshop in which I will support 10 participants to share their opinions, by giving them the chance to participate in many games. Through this activity, I want to teach the children how to respect each other, and how important is freedom of speech. 4. Beneficiaries: 10  kids around the ages 6 to 13 will be a part of my workshop. 5. Team:   I will do the event all by myself. 6. Objective: My

Changemaker: Alessia Mitocaru - If you’re multicolored, that’s cool too!

Project Title : If you’re multicolored, that’s cool too! Changemaker :  Alessia Mitocaru Message for the world : We can change the world if we work hard enough! 1. Previous experience: No previous experience.   2. The Problem : I want to teach children to accept each other, no matter their color or origin.  Because of ignorance, that is lack of knowledge, the rejection and discrimination of children is born. The problem generally starts from children's homes, where parents tell them that a certain group of people is bad. I would like to help children to get rid of this mean and wrong mentality. 3. The Solution :   I will organize two workshops where I will explain the importance of tolerance and  acceptance, while playing different games, to attract children as much as possible. I will support the children to get in touch with other children around the world through my foreign acquaintances, in order to encourage them make new friends and to teach them how to communicate by se

Expoziția The Beautiful Fair Town: Momente, de Hanul Choi

 În 2020, am organizat o expoziție numită The Beautiful Fair Town, care a implicat 4 artiști din 4 țări diferite. Expoziția a urmărit să încurajeze tinerii de alte naționalități să identifice cele mai frumoase aspecte ale orașului Târgu Frumos. Aceștia au creat fotografii, filmulețe, au înregistrat sunete și au folosit ceramica pentru a reprezenta frumusețea orașului Târgu Frumos, în propria viziune.  Acest filmuleț a fost realizat de Hanul Choi, din Coreea de Sud. Care este viziunea dvs. despre orașul Târgu Frumos? Ne puteți spune completând acest chestionar:

Changemaker: Anastasia Denisa Iacob - After Limits

Project Title : After Limits Changemaker :  Anastasia Denisa Iacob Message for the world : Life begins where fear ends, and violence does not improve it! 1. Previous experience: No, I didn't organize such activities before, but it is never too late.  2. The Problem : Even if I do not know such a case, I would like to draw attention to domestic violence. The world has  normalized this and must be stopped, many of the opinions having a major impact on the people affected. I would like to ”open the eyes” of everyone and make them realize that this problem is real! I am also involved with this project for the victims who do not see what is really abnormal in a family, especially children who get used to this behavior and do not communicate for help. 3. The Solution :   The workshop will be organized through interactive games for all participants with widely open discussions. The first part will consist of the use of notes that have a few short cases of domestic violence, from whic