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Arts Lab 5.0: Sena Yavuz, Turkey - Month 5

While we were coming to the end, the month started a bit weird. Carlita turned back from Bolivia, so the ambiance of the home changed immediately with my Linda. But at the same time, we found Haşmet, seriously injured from his neck. So we had some stressful days when we were worrying about his life. So we spent a lot of time to take care of him in the best way possible. In the end, little Haşmetcito became good.  Then we went to our first caravan, which was in Ceplenița. In addition to enjoying the day with the kids, we visited some nice spots in the village, drank nice wines, and learned how to sew traditional Romanian blouses, which I enjoyed a lot.  While we were preparing our artwork for the JEMOM museum, we had a surprise birthday party for Hassancito, the grandpa of the house, and spent a nice time all together. For the personal artwork, I created a monument with a text talking about the term ‘’genocide’’, which was an excerpt from the book ''Pogromul de la Iași’’. As I r